GLOV Beauty Bomb

GLOV Beauty Bomb
Glov, GLOV Beauty Bomb

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These 100% instagramable bunny ears have super-powers of keeping your hair out of the way while you put a face mask on or remove makeup! GLOV Comfort is gently spoiling your face with its touch while brushing and cleansing your skin. This stuff is magic!

Beauty Bomb Set is a makeup remover for every woman - a hair band in the shape of bunny's ears and GLOV Comfort for washing the face

Watch out ... The explosion of beauty is coming ...

These adorable bunny ears have a superpower to keep your hair out of your face when you need it most! Remove your makeup or put on your favorite mask without worrying about getting dirty.

GLOV Comfort skills are just as powerful as its surface! You will wash away even the heaviest makeup and your skin will be revitalized, smoothed and perfectly cleansed.

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